Hit Progressive Draw Poker

Min. bet: € 10 / Max. bet: € 1.000

Privé of gaming tables:  min. bet € 20 / max. bet € 1,000

We are introducing the exciting and alluring Hit Progressive Draw Poker - one of the best card games for beginners.

Why is Progressive Draw Poker recommended for beginners? Because you do not have to worry about actions and cards of other players. You are playing against the dealer, and he always plays by the rules.  You decide whether you play poker or go progressive - and your bet depends on your choice.

And as with all types of poker, the challenge is to get the best hand possible.Do you accept the challenge?

General information

    Some general info:
  • As with all types of Poker, try to get the best possible hand 
  • You can play Poker, or you choose to go progressive.
  • If you think one of your cards is not good enough, you can choose to exchange it. But there is a downside: for a poker hand or higher you get a lower payout (the same applies for progressive game).

How to start playing?
Place a minimum bet on the ANTE spot.

If you want to go progressive, place additional bet for the progressive game. The dealer will hand you 5 cards. After the dealer reveals his upper card, you can check your cards.