Double deck Black Jack

Min. bet: € 20 / Max. bet: € 2.000

Privé of gaming tables: min. bet € 50 / max. bet € 2,000 

Are you familiar with Black Jack, the most popular casino card game? It is time to try out Double Deck Black Jack. It is almost identical to Black Jack, but slight differences between them might be enough to convince you that Double Deck Black Jack may be even more exciting and fun.

    Let's see in which aspects Double Deck Black Jack differs from regular Black Jack:
  • You are dealt two face-down cards, which means the other players cannot see your cards.
  • You can turn your cards face up when the dealer has dealt himself a second card.
  • Slide your card on the table surface if you want another card.
  • You can split your hand only once.
  • You can double your bet only if your first two cards equal 9, 10 or 11.

Try out Double Deck Black Jack and have fun!