Punto Banco

Min bet: € 20 / Max bet: € 2.500

If you wish to exercise your brain, then Punto Banco is the game for you. The objective is to predict the winner: Punto or Banco. The game starts with placing a bet on Punto or Banco. The winner is the player with the hand closest to 9 (2 or 3 cards are drawn on Punto and Banco). (The dealer return your bet in case of a tie.)

You can enjoy this gambling adventure even if you are a beginner: the dealer, playing by the rules, can draw the cards for you, while you learn the basic rules of the game. Ready?

Additional information

Eager to play? What do you do?
First place your bet - banknotes, chips or value chips - on the spot marked Punto or Banco. If you choose Punto, you bet on Punto, and vice versa.

How can you tell your card total?
2 or 3 cards are drawn for both Punto and Banco. If the total is a two-digit number (e.g. 18), the first digit is disregarded. The total is 8 and not 18.

When to draw the 3rd card?
You can play this game without knowing when to draw the 3rd card; the dealer will draw it for you, while you can learn the basic rules of the game. Helping you during the game is a special board explaining all the rules. These are the rules for drawing the 3rd card:

What values do single cards have? 
Ace equals 1, face cards equal 0 and other cards hold their face value.