Ultimate Texas hold’em

Min. bet: € 10 / Max. bet: € 100

This poker-based game offers great fun, great expectations and a lot of adrenaline, and at the same time gives you plenty of freedom to make the bet. In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you play against the dealer.
You can choose to bet big, little or not at all.

    Ultimate Texas Hold’em offers several advantages:
  • the sooner you bet, the more you can bet.
  • You do not have to fold (put the cards down) until you have seen all the community cards.
  • The game also allows the Trips bet (paid out as indicated in the Pay Table), if your final five-card hand is three-of-a-kind or higher.

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How to start playing?

Place an equal bet on Ante and Blind, and optionally also on Trips. You will then be dealt two cards.

Bet big... Or bet small... Or don't bet at all

You will be dealt two cards; you then either check (not place a bet), or place a bet equal to 3 or 4 times your initial bet (Ante). Then the dealer will reveal three community cards (Flop). If you have not yet placed a bet on Play, you can decide to check or place a bet 2 times your Ante. The dealer will then reveal the remaining two community cards. At this point, if you still have not placed a bet on Play, you can choose to: fold or place a bet equal to your Ante.

When does the dealer qualify?

The dealer reveals his two cards and announces his five-card hand. The dealer qualifies if he has a pair or higher.


If your hand beats the dealer’s, bets on Play and Ante are paid 1:1 (even). If the dealer’s hand beats yours, your bets on Play, Ante and Blind lose. If there is a tie, your bets on Play, Ante and Blind push (neither side wins). Blind bets pay if you have a straight or higher (check the payouts on the Poker table). If you beat the dealer with a hand that is lower than a straight, your bet pushes. If the dealer does not qualify, he will return your Ante, whereas all other bets continue.