Calypso – the jewel in Hit's culinary crown

The Calypso restaurant is temporarly CLOSED.

This sophisticated French-style restaurant caters for even the most demanding enogastronomic tastes. It is perfect for all those who enjoy state-of-the-art culinary creations prepared by our renowned and award-winning chefs.

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Calypso is a small and elegant restaurant with top-notch service. If offers popular Mediterranean cuisine and delicious local specialties from the nearby Goriška Brda, the Vipava Valley, the Trnovo plateau and Kras with a unique and refreshing spin. True to the spirit of locally produced ingredients, we use only select olive oils, fresh herbs and first-class Piran salt. And for the perfect ending of your meal at Calypso restaurant, we will pamper you with exquisite desserts prepared by the Perla pastry chefs. And to make your culinary experience really memorable, you can look forward to flamed dished: main courses, desserts and fruit.

Perla's wine list

Perla's wine list offers a wide selection of wines representing almost all Slovenian wine growing regions. Based on your preferences, sommeliers will recommend the perfect wine to accentuate the flavours of your dish. And if you wish to chat the night away, we have a wide selection of high-quality cognacs and cigars you can choose from.

The Calypso restaurant is temporarly CLOSED.

An exquisite 5 course menu for only €50!

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