Gourmet Awards of the Calypso Restaurant

Recommended by Michelin 2023, 3 Toques Gault & Millau 2023 and 2 Falstaff forks 2022


For the fourth year in a row, in 2023 the Calypso Restaurant has been listed in the international Michelin guide for gourmets.

For several years the team of the Calypso has made it among Slovenia’s top hotel à-la-carte restaurants, thus proving that upscale cuisine can also be found in a large hotel. Satisfied guests are the biggest proof of the high-quality restaurant offer, whereas the recommendation by the “red bible” is proof of the large potential of the restaurants labeled Hit and the entire Nova Gorica tourist destination. On the web site of the Michelin Guide, the Calypso is presented as “an elegant and modern restaurant located in the Perla Hotel. It offers Mediterranean cuisine, with a special emphasis on first-quality ingredients from the Adriatic Sea. Top cuisine means elegance; also what regards ambience and service.”

„A recommendation by the Michelin Guide is a prize for our tenacity and dedication to both our guests and our work. It is nice being able to work in a good team and try to create new memorable experiences for your guests. We stay focused on quality and excellence. This is the path we have chosen and will continue to follow,” said Dalibor Janačković, Chef de Cuisine at Perla’s Calypso Restaurant.

3 Toques Gault & Millau

Perla’s Calypso restaurant was awarded 16 points and 3 toques by Gault Millau Slovenija for 2023. This proves again that both in Slovenia and worldwide hotel restaurants can also be top restaurants.  

The elegant Calypso bears the same name as the ship sailed by the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau on his eternal hunt on breathtaking wonders in the deep oceans. The menu of the Calypso brings on the plate the smells and flavours of the sea. It follows the seasons and it offers a wide selection of sophisticated sea and freshwater fish.  Each of them is served in a unique style and each ingredient is prepared with the best fitted method (poached sea sole fried in maize crumbs with Solkan radicchio and exotic lychee gel, grilled coquilles St. Jacques nicely complemented by the earthly flavor of broccoli, house-made noodles with scampi get a new dimension with an alluring silky sauce). Combining different flavours is an art, of which Chef de Cuisine Dalibor Janačković is a master. Together with his team he is in constant search of harmony, be it in seafood, vegetable or meat dishes.  Then the restaurant sommeliers make sure that each bite is perfectly complemented by the chosen wine. The crown to this restaurant is its skilled, friendly, and non-intrusive waiting personnel,” is a quote from this year's Gault & Millau Slovenia.

Besides Perla's Calypso Restaurant the guide features another Hit restaurant, that is the Tiffany (Park, Hotel & Entertainment), which has been awarded 2 Gault & Millau toques.

Two Falstaff Forks

In the national restaurant guide for 2022, published by the Austrian gastronomic magazine Falstaff, 164 Slovenian restaurants have been assessed. Perla's Calypso has earned 88 points and thus 2 Forks, which re-establishes her among Slovenia's best hotel restaurants.

Two forks were awarded also to the Park-based restaurant Tiffany.