Activities and adventures - What to do in Nova Gorica?

It is difficult to find a town that is near both the sea and the Alpine peaks, but also near to world-known winegrowing areas and mighty forests, and to original Mediterranean villages on one hand, and big cities on the other.  Nova Gorica is surrounded by beautiful nature as well as by historical and cultural sights, and it offers countless possibilities to unwind. It is a perfect starting point for trips to Brda, the Soča valley, the Vipava Valley, the Trnovo Plateau, the Banjšice Plateau, the Karst, and the world-famous Postojna Cave.  Ljubljana and Venice are also just an hour’s drive from Nova Gorica.  

We have gathered the rich offer into four thematic units: Choose the one you prefer.

Nova Gorica ... where everything is at a touch of a hand

Town of Nova Gorica

Since Slovenia joined the European Union it has been reunited with neighbouring Gorizia, which after WW2 remained on the Italian side of the border.


The capital of Slovenia is famous for the architectural creations of Jože Plečnik. In 2016 it was awarded the title of European Green Capital.

Palmanova Outlet

The small town made of shops offers popular trademarks at reduced prices. 

The Carst
The Carst

Famous stud farm, which is the cradle of Lipizzaner horses, where the noble white horses are bred and trained.

Dobrovo Castle

The Renaissance castle, which preserved a relatively intact appearance, is deemed to be one of the most picturesque in its kind in the Goriška Region.

The Vipava Valley
The Vipava Valley

In the upper part of the Vipava Valley lies along the numerous sources of the Vipava River (the only river in Europe which has a delta source) the town Vipava with its numerous bridges and a rich cultural heritage

Museum train

One of the most picturesque railway routes in Europe.

Goriška Brda
Goriška Brda

Šmartno is a picturesque medieval village surrounded by a wall. It hosts numerous cultural events and events linked to wine and gastronomy.

Goriška Brda
Goriška Brda

There is a 23-meter high outlook tower in Gonjače, which offers a magnificent view.

the Vipava Valley
the Vipava Valley

On an exceptional location, on the edge of Karst landscape, above the Vipava Valley and the settlement Branik, stands the Rihemberk Castle, one of the rarest medieval castles in this area.

The Carst
The Carst

Fairy-tale-like medieval town built with stones.


Idrija was entered on the Unesco list in 2012 for its heritage of mercury mining.


The Miramare Castle was erected just a few kilometres before Trieste on a wonderful panoramic site above the sea, surrounded by beautiful parks.

Nova Gorica
Railway station and Europe Square
Nova Gorica

The oldest public building in Nova Gorica is the railway station, built in 1906. It was a strategic post on the route from Vienna to Trieste.

Most na Soči

Enjoy a ride on the charming lake, formed by the Soča River, and a delicious meal on the boat.

Nova Gorica – new flavours

This part of Slovenia is incredibly generous in wine and gastronomy.    

Goriška Brda - cuisine

Brda with its hilly terrain are famous not only for cultural jewels such as the Dobrovo Castle and medieval Šmartno, but also for the delicious fruit (especially cherries) and top-quality wine (Rebula).

The Vipava Valley - Cuisine

The green Vipava Valley enchants every time with its marvellous arrangement of vineyards, meadows and fields. It is home to two extremely special wines, Pinela and Zelen. These are old wine types, which are becoming increasingly popular among gourmets.     

Kras - cuisine

The stony Kras (Karst) is not only rich in its heritage of stone architecture from the past centuries, but also delicious prosciutto, which matures in Bora wind, and Teran wine, which is a red wine with character.    

Nova Gorica by bike

Have a ride in Nova Gorica, as this is a cyclist-friendly town.

The Peace Park

Not far away from Nova Gorica lies a monument to the battles fought during WW1.  You can visit it on foot or by bike.

The Walk of Peace

Walk along the historical trail, which was the site of bloody battles during WW1

Bungee jumping

For those who dare:  jumping with an elastic rope from the Solkan Bridge, with the Soča River running underneath

Nova Gorica
The Edvard Rusjan monument
Nova Gorica

Edvard Rusjan in 1909 rose into the air for the first time with his plane Eda I.

The Soča-Plave cycling path along the Soča River

There is a wonderful panoramic cycling route.


The fastest way to paraglide is tandem paragliding with an expert pilot.  The flight can last 15 to 45 minutes.

Bicycle touring

Guided self-contained cycling trips around Nova Gorica.

Nova Gorica
Nova Gorica

Kostanjevica is best known for its crypt, where the mortal remains of some of the members of the royal French House of Bourbon lie.   

Soča Fun Park

The Soča Fun Park is an adventure park located on the right bank of the Soča river

The Banjšice and Trnovo plateaus

The Banjšice and Trnovo plateaus boast ancient authenticity, beautiful nature and remote hiking trails.

The Holy Mountain

Sveta Gora is an important pilgrimage site, which was first mentioned in 1368.

The Soča River

Soča is Slovenia’s most beautiful river, world-famous for its emerald colour.    

The Solkan Bridge

The stone railed bridge in Solkan has the world’s longest stone arch.   

The Kromberk Castle

The Kromberk Castle, which was long owned by the Coronini family, was built in the 17th century.

Postojnska jama
The Postojna Cave
Postojnska jama

Certainly the most popular tourist cave in the world.


The culturally rich city of Venice, once the seat of the Republic of Venice, is interwoven with canals, where you can have a ride in the famous gondolas.