The casino at the Perla Gaming and Entertainment Centre offers you an exciting gaming experience at 888 state-of-the-art slot machines and 90 gaming tables with a wide selection of games. To make the gaming experience even more perfect, we prepare numerous prize games, tournaments and promotions.

Welcome to a world where your dreams are our biggest challenge.

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gaming tables

Live game enthusiasts will enjoy playing at the 90 gaming tables featuring a wide range of games: American or French Roulette, several taypes of Poker, Punto Banco, Black Jack and Chemin de Fer. The nights at the casino will be even more exciting with several tournaments and promotions, organised on a regular basis.

slot machines

Everyone will find his favourite among 888 slot machines ranging from state-of-the-art, very attractive ones to old-style slots, higher denomination slots or slots featuring 1 cent minimum bets and progressive play for vertiginously high wins.

Play under a lucky star
Open Air Casino
Play under a lucky star

The open air casino offers gaming at 109 state-of-the-art slot machines, refreshments, relaxation in the summer garden, and complimentary drinks from the self-service bar. Smoking is also allowed here.

Privé of gaming tables

In the Privé of gaming tables even the most discriminating players are bound to find a perfectly suited hand.

Privé of slot machines

The Privé of slot machines is intended for more demanding players, who wish to play high-stakes. The discreet ambience features 31 slot machines with wagers of up to € 600.

Bingo – entertainment for anyone

A game that is both simple and fun, and suitable for any age. The aim of this game is to cover as quickly as possible all 24 numbers on the card, except the central one, which is number 25.

Miljan Stevanović
Director of the Gaming and Entertainment Centre Perla Miljan Stevanović

Dear guests! Kindly invited to Perla where time runs differently. It simply flies by when you are immersed in exciting games, alluring sounds, sparkling lights and vivid colours of the casino. But it slows down when you enjoy a glass of great wine, and comes to a standstill when you repose in a comfortable hotel room. Our hospitable and devoted staff will make sure that your time here is quality time. We are pleased to have you as our guest.