My Privilege takes you on a cruise

15 May - 9 July 2023
1st prize: Mediterranean cruise for 2 people

Using the My Privilege App gives you a comp. In fact upon your third login (on different dates) from 15 May to 9 Jul you will be entered into a draw for a Mediterranean cruise for 2 people and other prizes!

1st prize: a Mediterranean cruise for 2 people

2nd and 3rd prize: playable-only €40
4th and 5th prize: playable-only €20

A Mediterranean cruise for 2 people is offered by Norwegian Cruise Line.

The prize draw will take place on Wednesday, 12 Jul 2023. The draw is carried out according to the principle of random computer selection from the list of participants in the prize game, five winners will be drawn. Winners will be notified of the prize by a notification in the My Privilege App and/or by e-mail or via SMS, namely to the e-mail address or phone number where they received the invitation to participate in the prize draw. The results of the prize draw are final. The deadline for using the prize is one year after the end of the promotion, i.e. until 9 July 2024.


If you are not yet registered to the My Privilege App, please register first and then log into the app at least twice during the duration of the promotion. You cannot register and log in on the same day. When you register for the first time, you also take part in the promotion called “Bonus upon Registration for New Users” and get 200 bonus points on your Privilege card.