SPA TEEN Pevonia Botanica facial treatment

Incredible results with regular treatment, also at home.

Duration: up to 60 min
The price: € 52

Promotional discount:

- 5 + 1 free (if you buy 5 treatments, we give you the 6th one for free)
- 10 % discount on products for extended home treatment of teen skin
- While your teenager is having his/her treatment, you can enjoy in the swimming pool**

*Valid for SPA TEEN Pevonia Botanica products upon purchasing a SPA TEEN treatment.
**Valid for one of the parents during treatment.

But there is more:

For optimum results we recommend a treatment every 2 weeks and an extended treatment at home.

Acne, greasy and dirty skin, blackheads, and widened pores are typical teenage problems. They can be very bothersome during puberty, when adolescents are preoccupied with their appearance. But with proper treatment these problems can be attenuated or completely resolved. The Perla Spa offers an especially effective treatment.