Special Lenten offer: dishes with herring

22 Feb – 7 Apr 2023
Mediterraneo restaurant

During Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday, namely from 22 Feb to 7 Apr 2023, come to the Mediterraneo restaurant to try the herring-based dishes, prepared for you by the Perla's Executive Chef Matjaž Šinigoj.

Lenten dishes:

Marinated herring with onion  8 €
“Bleki” (local pasta) of stale bread with moretta cabbage and herring      10 €
My grandfather's herring     10 €


The dessert is not exactly a Lenten dish, but it is inspired by the herring and delicious - for all those who do not want to give up sweet treats even during Lent.

Chocolate dessert with herring salt caramel    6 €