90 gaming tables for live game enthusiasts

Live game enthusiasts will enjoy playing at the 90 gaming tables featuring a wide range of games: American or French Roulette, several types of Poker, Punto Banco and Black Jack. The nights at the casino will be even more exciting with several tournaments and promotions, organised on a regular basis.

Gaming tables

Punto Banco

If you wish to exercise your brain, then Punto Banco is the game for you. The objective is to predict the winner: Punto or Banco. 

Min. bet: € 20 / Max. bet: € 2.500

Classic Punto Banco

If you have already played  Punto Banco, then Classic Punto Banco is the perfect challenge for you. 

Min. bet € 40  / max. bet € 5,000

Super Punto Banco

Punto Banco for more demanding guests: Exclusively in Perla's Privé of gaming tables.

Min. bet: 200 € / max. bet: 5.000 € (exceptionally 10.000 €)

Free Bet Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack lets you double down and split … for free!

Min. bet: € 10 / Max. bet: € 300

Ultimate Texas hold’em

Ultimate Texas Hold’em originated in American saloons. It is very popular among casino guests, because it offers both entertainment and high wins. 

Min. bet: € 10 / Max. bet: € 100

Hit Progressive Draw Poker

The Hit Draw Poker is one of the best card games for beginners. 

Why this game? Because you don‘t need to pay attention to what other players are doing and to what cards they might have.  You play against the Croupier and he will always play by the rules.

Min. bet: € 10 / max. bet: € 1,000

Black Jack

Black Jack is the most popular card game in casinos. This is a simple and yet exciting game and that may be the reason it is so popular. 

Min. bet: € 10 / Max. bet: € 2,000

Double deck Black Jack

Double Deck Black Jack is almost identical to Black Jack, but slight differences between them might be enough to convince you that Double Deck Black Jack may be even more exciting and fun.

Min. bet: € 20 / Max. bet: € 2.000

American Roulette

Roulette is the queen of casino excitement. It is suitable for everyone, even for novice players. You can play by knowing only a few most common bets. The game is fun-filled, exciting and ideal to play in the company of friends.

Min. bet: € 2 / max. bet € 300

French Roulette

In the Privé gaming tables you can enjoy the French Roulette, with a maximum bet of € 300. It is suitable for everyone, including beginners, although experienced players do have sophisticated strategies that they continuously develop.

Min. bet: € 10 / Max. bet: € 300